Bi Firming & Lifting Programme

BI 0.5Mhz Make Me Beautiful Treatment

This treatment uses 0.5Mhz Radio Frequency Waves technology which results in ideal skin rejuvenation, tightens deep collagen to create a firm, uplifting effect on facial skin and relaxes tightened facial muscles to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and improve dark circles. It also improves deep blood circulation to give your skin natural glow and enhances luminosity, leaving skin feeling Sculpted, Toned and Radiant.


An effective and non-invasive treatment that uses radio frequency of 6Mhz to tighten, contour and rejuvenate the skin for a younger looking appearance. 6Mhz radio frequencies are transmitted deep into the dermis layers of skin, heating up the collagen layers. The heat helps to tighten existing collagen and over time, stimulate the formation of new collagen which reduces sagging and wrinkles. Moreover the jaw line and saggy skin under the chin becomes taut, firmer and toned, hence improving the contour of your face and neck and resulting in a smoother, slimmer and ideal V-Shape feature.
Without any surgery or injection, this no downtime treatment is proven to deliver natural looking results for an overall Smoother, Firmer and Younger Looking Appearance.

BI Light Pulse Phototherapy

Energising the cells beneath the skin’s surface to increase blood circulation, activate more collagen production, improves overall skin texture and elasticity as well as even out skin tone for a Brighter, Clearer and Fairer Complexion.

• diminishes pigmentation, freckles, and darkened patches of skin.
• diminishes acne scarring
• reduces redness and visibility of tiny blood vessels
• rejuvenates skin for radiance and glow

BI Lift Therapy Treatment

This firming and lifting treatment stimulates and reorganises the natural collagen and elastin levels in the skin, providing a surprisingly smooth finish for the skin surface. This treatment also adds volume to those areas of low elasticity. The result is a Lifted, Firmer and Glowing Complexion.

BI Needle Roller Treatment

A minimally invasive treatment that creates micropunctures to allow optimal penetration of medical grade cocktails into the skin. The medical grade cocktail concoction is carefully selected according to individual skin’s needs and concerns making this a highly customisable treatment. By injuring the skin surface, this treatment promotes skin regeneration of the damaged cells and increase collagen and elastin production. This treatment will allow your skin to achieve a Plumper, More Radiant, Youthful and Smoother Complexion.

BI Anti-Aging Magic Peel Treatment

This treatment enhances the skin rejuvenation process by increasing cellular renewal and collagen synthesis. It also promotes activation of the cutaneous rejuvenation process to correct pigmentation issues. This treatment peel contains Glycolic Acid, Ferulic acid, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Retinol which are excellent for anti-aging and results in a Lifted, Firmer and Radiant complexion.

BI Diamond Lifting Treatment with Gua Sha

This exclusive anti-aging treatment from France has been developed carefully with precious ingredients consisting of Diamond Powder and White Pearl Extracts to improve the quality and radiance of your skin as well as reducing wrinkles. This luxurious treatment involves a Diamond Peeling Scrub, Gua Sha Lifting Massage and the Diamond Peel-Off Mask.
The Diamond Peeling Scrub preps the skin by exfoliating dead skin cells, leaving skin feeling smooth and supple.
Next, the Gua Sha Lifting Massage achieves a firmer and lifted appearance by stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
Lastly the Diamond Peel-Off Mask helps skin to regenerate and firm up.
The combination of this indulgent treatment results in a Lifted, Firmer, Smoother and more Radiant Complexion.