BI Oily & Problematic Programme

BI 8IN1 Acne Treatment

This treatment consists of advanced scientific and natural ingredients with the main ingredient being Tomato Extract that exfoliate the outer layer of the skin to unclog pores, release excess sebum and remove bacteria while smoothing the upper dermal layer, decreasing any possible infections to eliminate acne, acne scarring and hyper pigmentation through a triple process for a Smoother, Clearer and Healthier complexion.

BI AHA Cranberry Treatment

A highly concentrated treatment that contains the powerful antioxidant Cranberry Oil Extract that promomtes cell renewal, hydration and reduces wrinkles and fine lines. This treatment also aids in acne scarring, lightens and improves uneven skin tone for a Smoother and Radiant Complexion.

BI Cell Renewal Treatment

BI Cell Renewal Treatment (CRT) is excellent in gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells and reduction of pores, breakouts and acne scarring. It also hydrates and nourish the skin by recovering its elasticity and luminosity for a Brighter and Cleaner Complexion.

BI Clean and Clear Treatment

An exclusive formulation treatment for effective deep cleansing, balance localized sebaceous secretion, controlled sebum-regulation, normalization of follicular keratinization, bacterial flora, healing, anti-inflammatory and restoration of skin moisture for a Matte, Healthy and Fresh Appearance.

BI Clarifying and Detox Treatment

This treatment decongests and regulates the sebaceous glands, leaving skin feeling clean and oil-free for days. Acne bacteria is reduced, excessive sebum is controlled, dead skin, blackheads and other impurities are reduced, leaving behind a Supple, Soothed, Hydrated and Glowing Complexion.

BI Acne Intense Treatment

This treatment is specially formulated to treat acne in the comedonic and inflammatory phase. With the main ingredient being Salicylic Acid, the treatment is delivered to control bacterial colonisation, eliminate acne and regulate oil production. This results in skin feeling Cleaner, Clearer and more Radiant.

BI Sensi Intense Treatment

This treatment is developed specifically for sensitive skin to help reduce inflammation, itchiness, tension, tightness, burning and redness while increasing skin’s flexibility and softness. It also enhances cell regeneration and reconstruction process in the skin. The result is a Healthy and Supple Complexion.

BI Silk Peel Dermal-Infusion Polish

A non-invasive medical grade diamond that polishes dead skin cells and deeply cleanses open pores while simultaneously delivering dermaceutical topical vitamin solutions to clean and revitalise skin resulting in a Radiant, Smoother and Clearer Looking Complexion.

BI Light Pulse Phototherapy

Energising the cells beneath the skin’s surface to increase blood circulation, activate more collagen production, improves overall skin texture and elasticity as well as even out skin tone for a Brighter, Clearer and Fairer Complexion.

• diminishes pigmentation, freckles, and darkened patches of skin.
• diminishes acne scarring
• reduces redness and visibility of tiny blood vessels
• rejuvenates skin for radiance and glow

BI Needle Roller Treatment

A minimally invasive treatment that creates micropunctures to allow optimal penetration of medical grade cocktails into the skin. The medical grade cocktail concoction is carefully selected according to individual skin’s needs and concerns making this a highly customisable treatment. By injuring the skin surface, this treatment promotes skin regeneration of the damaged cells and increase collagen and elastin production. This treatment will allow your skin to achieve a Plumper, More Radiant, Youthful and Smoother Complexion.

BI Purifying Magic Peel Treatment

BI Purifying Magic Peel is specially formulated from a selection of acids suitable for oily and acne-prone skin.

This treatment peel contains a combination of Lactic Acid, Azelaic Acid, Malic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Retinol that aids in controlling the regulation of oil secretion and acts as an anti-oxidant, resulting in a Healthier, Smoother and Youthful Looking Complexion.