“It definitely exceed my expectation, thinking that my skin will not change, but my face has become so much clearer, but my all time problem have been cure, my pores shrink tremendously”

Madeline Low

Member since 8th June 2018

“My face looked glowy, pores were smaller & I don’t look so haggard. A lot of people have commented on my skin (I’m 42) despite the heavy smoking & constant flying”

Michele Lim

Member since 1997

“After one treatment, my skin improved tremendously. There were visibly lesser breakouts than before and my skin became less oily.”


Member since 16th August 2008

“On the first treatment, reduce breakout. Skin not oily anymore. Much improvement” My second treatment today, skin feel clean, clear & fresh.

Candice Tay

Member since 8th June 2018

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